We continue with the best in class cleanliness and safety practices in addition to requirements set by the CDC and local/state government. To ensure the wellbeing and health of all guests, employees, and vendors we have established a code of conduct. These policies should be strictly observed during your time at Camelback Lodge, Mountain Adventures, Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark, and Camelbeach Snowtubing Park, and Ski Mountain.

PA Travel Restrictions

We continually monitor the direction from PA officials. Because the commonwealth does not dictate how businesses should implement the requirements for testing, Camelback Resort is leaving monitoring to government entities and we are not requiring any proof of testing at the resort.

We continue to develop protocols to offer the ultimate safe, clean, and fun environment including:

  • On-going sanitization and disinfection of all guestrooms and public spaces, with attention to high touch areas such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, remote controls, and phones.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the resort for guests and associates.
  • Staff awareness training has been conducted, including a review of guest assistance procedures and instructions that any unwell staff members must stay home.
  • We have created the highest standards to ensure physical distancing. Restaurant tables and other physical layouts have been arranged to ensure appropriate distancing.
  • Select Food & Beverage outlets will offer outdoor dining and take-out service.
  • Please note that we have moved to cashless transactions where possible to help ensure the health safety of guests and employees.
  • To learn more about our current cleanliness programs, please see the additional sections below.




Yes. Face coverings are required in all Public Areas at the resort, this includes indoor and outdoor areas. Camelback Resort is following all CDC and state guidelines. It is now required by the state of Pennsylvania. The only exception to this is when you are seated at a table to eat or drink, if you are seated at a table without food or beverage you must wear a face covering.

We have created the highest standards to ensure physical distancing. The beauty of Camelback Resort is the breadth of our campus – sprawling across 166 acres with plenty of open space, incredible outdoor activities and exciting adventures in the fresh mountain air. We have exclusive areas to accommodate private gatherings for you, your friends and your families.

Camelback Resort Team Members will undergo COVID Safety & Sanitation Protocol Training before guest arrive on site. 

  • Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be worn by all employees based on their role and responsibilities and in adherence with state or local regulations and guidance. 
  • All associates will be provided a mask and required to wear that mask while on property. 
  • Gloves will be provided to associates whose responsibilities require them as determined by medical experts including housekeeping, public area attendants and security officers in direct contact with guests. 

All chefs are ServSafe certified. This is a national program to teach safe-food preparation and handling.

•  We will be requiring all our ServSafe certified chefs to directly supervise all food operations to assure safe-food preparation and handling.

•  Food to be served by Camelback Employees

•  All plate-ware, service-ware, cup-ware will be single-use and disposable

•  Stanchions set to allow for social distancing line queuing protocol enacted

•  Guests can order and pick up beverages.

•  We will be utilizing the same hospital-grade disinfecting and sanitizing products in addition to
BIOPROTECT on all tables, chairs, highchairs, handles, faucets, dispensers, trash-receptacle touch points,
counters, buttons, keypads, etc.

• Scheduled sanitizing of all shared surfaces every 30 minutes. Increased cleaning across the board.

• Host Podiums including all associated equipment to be sanitized at least once per hour.

• Dining tables, bar tops, stools, and chairs to be sanitized after each use.

Upon arrival to the property all guests, vendors and employees will go through a wellness screening at the main entrance. This will include observation for overt symptoms and taking each person’s temperature with a no-touch infrared thermometer. 

Our staff will discreetly offer a secondary wellness screening by a Camelback EMT. There a second temperature reading will be taken, should there be a fever, the party will be directed to medical care and provided with information based on the CDC, State and Local guidance. No one within the party will be given access to the resort. Should this take place Camelback will provide a refund for the guest’s stay. 

As of January 4, 2021 many of the PA state mandates will be expiring. We are very excited to announce that NO areas will be closed due to COVID mandates. Indoor dining is limited to 75% capacity and masks must be worn on property at all times.



We continually monitor the direction from PA officials. Because the commonwealth does not dictate how businesses should implement the requirements for testing, Camelback Resort is leaving monitoring to government entities and we are not requiring any proof of testing at the resort.

The flexibility of our cancelation policy is reflected in the rate plan you purchased. If you cancel outside of 72 hours a $100 cancel fee is applied. If you cancel inside of 72 hours it will result in 1 night penalty taxes & fees. If you need additional information please email us at with any questions you may have.

• Sanitizer stations are placed throughout the facility, including counter areas for easy access for guest use.
• A deep disinfecting is done either before open or after close.
• We will additionally disinfect throughout the day with a quick acting CDC approved disinfection agent paying close attention to our “High Touch” areas.
• Ropes Course – Sanitize harnesses between uses with Clorox Disinfectant Spray. Make sure the harness sits for the specified amount of time needed to sanitize.
• Escape Rooms – Sanitize with the Protexus gun between sessions paying close attention to all touch points.
• Kiosk – Sanitize kiosk touch screens with EZ-Kill several times per hour, sanitize the rest of the cabinet with Protexus sprayer multiple times per shift.

• Associates continually wiping down surfaces within the shop.
• Cash wraps, cash bags, phones, workstations, hard surfaces, handles and frequently touched surfaces to be sanitized at least once per hour and upon a shift change.
• Clean credit, cash machines/ATMs frequently. Provide handwashing stations or sanitizer nearby.
• Fitting rooms/try-ons – Only one person at a time in fitting rooms. Try on to be steam cleaned prior to placing back on the rack.
• Return policy – state no return policy with signage and printed on receipt.

  • Appointments are spaced out with additional time in between to properly sanitize each treatment room
  • All work stations will be disinfected after each treatment
  • Plastic sheets will be placed over all treatment tables
  • Guests will change directly in the treatment room before the technician enters
  • Facials, face treatments, face waxing, and stone massages are currently unavailable
  • Technicians are required to wear facemasks at all times

Associates that are assigned to clean and disinfect the fitness rooms will be trained on the proper use of cleaning and disinfecting products. Disinfecting wipes are available within the fitness room.

We want to assure you that we are working to create a smooth and seamless process for everyone while practicing physical distancing with limited physical interactions. 

  • Clear plexiglass barriers installed at each front desk workstation and at the concierge desk.
  • Guests will be advised upon arrival/check-in to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from other groups of people not traveling with them while standing in lines, using elevators, or moving around the property.
  • Guest welcome letter contains our Code of Conduct and availability of wellness checks handed out to every guest checking in.

Yes Bell and Valet Services will both be available.

• Bell service will be provided upon request – Guests may also use self-service luggage carts.
• Bell carts and self-service luggage carts will be retrieved and sanitized by an associate after each use. A member of the Bell Staff will place sticker on the cart to indicate it has been sanitized.
• Additional fee applies for Valet Services.

There will be limited housekeeping services available upon request, however we have created a new procedure to ensure limited interaction between guests and employees. 

  • Stayover services may be offered upon request. The guests are asked to leave the room for the service to be completed.
  • Should you need fresh linens, they will be provided to your room in a sealed bag along with a second bag for used linen. All used linen or towels are to be placed into the empty bag and left outside your door for housekeeping to collect. 
  • Housekeeping shall not enter a guest room during a stay unless specifically requested, or approved, by the guest, or to comply with established safety protocols.
  • Industry leading cleaning and sanitizing protocols are used to clean guest rooms, with particular attention paid to high-touch non-porous items.
  • After cleaning and disinfecting the room, a sticker indicating that it has been cleaned and disinfected will be placed on the door to seal the room.



We continue our extreme cleaning procedures within the waterpark, these techniques are our daily practices for ensuring the safety and health of our guests.

  • Face Coverings are required in Aquatopia when not using water attractions. This includes but is not limited to, restrooms/changing rooms, walking in the park, all public areas and all Food and Beverage outlets.
  • Chemicals and safety protocol for all pools, rides and slides meet and exceed industry standards.
  • As the CDC states, “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.”
  • No pairing of different parties in group rafts.
  • Waterpark locker rooms and Waterpark common areas are cleaned and disinfected utilizing CDC approved disinfectant throughout the resort.
  • Chaise lounge chairs and Cabanas will be pressure washed on rotation in the morning prior to opening, and electrostatically sanitized each night after closing.
  • Cabana guest contact surfaces to be sanitized after each use and to be pressure washed and sanitized each night.
  • All guard chairs will be provided with assigned disinfection material. Lifeguard stands to be sanitized upon rotation.
  • Sanitize high frequency touch points (Entry kiosks, door handles, push plates, towel desk, thresholds and hand railings, tables and chairs, trash cans, etc) continuously.
  • Chlorine levels manually checked continually

YES! The new year holds plenty of splash-tastic times, so start planning your indoor waterpark adventure. Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark is open daily from 10am – 9pm.

Mountain Adventures


We take extra care in performing extreme cleaning procedures at all the mountain adventures. These techniques are our daily practices for ensuring the safety and health of our guests.

• Climbing gear will be steam cleaned.
• Helmets will be disinfected IAW manufacturer’s guidance.
• Mountain coaster carts will be sanitized and wiped down with Ecolab solution, paying attention to the handles, then returned to service.
• Associate continually wiping down surfaces within the building.


  • Camelbeach will be open with 75% occupancy to provide plenty of space.
  • All guests to Camelbeach are required to wear a face covering when entering the park and while in any building facilities. Face coverings are not required while enjoying the water activities or while seated for eating. We do ask that you wear a mask walking to and from your table to eat. 
  • Camelbeach will be cashless, transactions are encouraged to be paid by credit card only 
  • Lines will be marked with appropriate physical distancing intervals as a visual indicator.
  • Seating areas will be arranged in family style “pods“ located appropriately distanced from any other groups.  
  • No pairing of different parties in group rafts.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed all over the park.
  • Chaise lounge chairs and Cabanas to be sanitized. Cabanas to be pressure washed.