RFID Card adventure Reloads


Reuse your existing Camelback RFID card to reload the good times. When you reload your existing card, your new adventure is automatically added, no ticket windows, kiosks or paper tickets necessary! Select the adventure you’d like to do again, and again below. Have your RFID card handy at check out to enter the digits on the back of your card. Be sure to read through the FAQ’s below on where to keep your card, how to buy for multiple participants and lost cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to reload your RFID card prior to heading to Camelback, this will ensure that you’ll go directly to your desired adventure! You’re on the right track if you’re on this page! From this page select the type of adventure you’d like to reload. Then you’ll select the specific product you’d like to purchase. Have your RFID card handy, once you pick your product and date of visit you will be promoted to enter your RFID card number at check out. Check out, bring your RFID card to Camelback and head to your adventure!

Be sure to keep your RFID card in an easily accessible place within your jacket. Keep your card away from cellular devices, credit cards or anything with a magnetic strip. Do not fold or hole punch your card!

Your RFID card is unique to you and only you. Tickets are non transferrable, so do not load tickets for anyone other than yourself on your RFID card. Be sure that each member of your party has tickets reloaded on their individual RFID card.

Be sure to report any lost or stolen RFID cards to Guest Services. Our team will deactivate the lost or stolen card and replace it with a new one.