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The right equipment makes all the difference. That’s why we offer ski and snowboard rentals and equipment for you to get the most out of your trip. Even better, our expert staff will help both children and adults find the right equipment for the right terrain. 


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Rental Prices

Whatever gear you need, you can rent it here. Equipment packages include skis, polls, & boots, or snowboard & boots. Choose Regular Rental or High Performance Rental. We outfit all ages everyday, weekends, and *holidays. Available Open-to-Close (9AM-9PM weekdays, 8:30AM-9PM weekends, or as soon as the mountain is open).
Online rentals are the fastest and most convenient way to rent equipment at Camelback. Please note: only complete Equipment package rentals are available online. Come see us in the Rental Shop for all your other equipment needs. Valid photo ID is required for all rentals.

Rent Equipment Package Online:

Regular Rental Open-to-Close (rent online)$48
High Performance Rental Open-to-Close (rent online)$55

To rent the items below, come see us in the shop:

Night Rental (After 3:00PM)$38
Partial Rental (Skis/Snowboard OR Boots) Open-to-Close$28
Ski Pole Rental Open-to-Close $16
Helmet Rental Open-to-Close$15
Wrist Guard Rental Open-to-Close$6
To rent the items above, come see us in the shop

*2020-2021 Holiday Periods: December 23, 2020- January 1, 2021, January 18-20, 2021 and February 15-23, 2021.

Tune-Up Center

Already have your own gear? We can make sure you’re tuned up and ready for the slopes.


Reservations are non-refundable. Lesson reservations can be changed up to 24 hours in advance with no fee or penalty provided they are rescheduled for the current season.

Yes you can reserve your equipment online as well as pre-register for the equipment.

All lift tickets are to be purchased online. Guest must complete a waiver online too. There will be kiosks for guests to print and retrieve tickets once they arrive to the mountain. We will disinfect touch screens between each guest/group.

When purchasing a beginner package, yes rentals are included along with a beginner lift ticket.

While borrowing a friend’s skis or snowboard sounds like a good way to save money, having properly fit gear is well worth it. You need gear that is appropriate for your skill level and that has been tested and maintained for safety and performance. Rentals will give you a much better experience.  Not to mention, you don’t have to schlep rental equipment all over the place.  You simply return it at the end of your day!

Yes! The best way to set yourself up for a successful first-time experience is to schedule a lesson with one of our talented snow pros. They will help introduce you to the sport in a safe and energetic manner. They will also get you out on the hill enjoying the whole mountain faster than you could on your own. Having said that, if you want to try things on your own, consider the Coolmar experience. The Coolmar experience is a protected area away from all the fast skiers and riders where you can develop the fundamental skills at your own pace. The snow in this area is shaped to give novice level skiers and riders high level sensations in a safe environment. The best part about the Coolmar experience is that we have coaches stationed throughout the area ready to help should you get a bit stuck.

Ski (and Snowboard) boots should be snug without being uncomfortable.  They should feel like a strong hug or firm handshake without being tight or painful.  Both kinds of boots are stiffer than a regular shoe for both performance and safety purposes.  One key to success is the correct sock! Changing into a dry, mid-weight technical sock when you put on your boots can make a huge difference in how long your feet stay warm and dry.

It’s tempting to borrow equipment from friends or family, especially when the boots actually seem to fit your feet. But you’re better off renting. Here’s why: all of our beginner equipment is designed for beginners specifically. They’re specifically engineered to turn more easily and are more forgiving than either upper level or budget equipment. Our rental staff will make sure that your boots will properly match your feet; if you need a half size up or down, we can accommodate you. Your first time out should be enjoyable and productive. The beginner packages we offer at our ski resort include ski or snowboard rental equipment specifically matched to your size and stature. If any of the Camelback rental equipment doesn’t fit or feel right, come back to the rental shops to exchange for equipment that fits and feels correct.

View our equipment rental options.

Ski and snowboard rentals must be purchased online and guests must complete all required paperwork online. To ensure safe physical distance and to prevent overcrowding, guests will be provided with an appointment time to pick up equipment. The number of guests inside the rental shop will be limited to accommodate proper physical distancing set by PA mandates. Face coverings/masks are required while in the rental shop. Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the rental shop.

Boots and helmets will be disinfected with an EPA approve COVID killing disinfectant after use and before reuse. Ski pole hand grips will be disinfected before reissue. Equipment returns will be contactless, guest will drop equipment off in a designated area.

Lift Tickets

Once you’ve got the gear you need, get the passes you want for your next winter adventure.

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Locker Rentals

Keep the rest of your stuff safe and sound while you use ours. Locker rentals are available all day long.

Ski and Snowboard Lessons

Learn to love to ski and ride as much as we do. Our ski and snowboard lessons are great for newbies or to help you brush up on your skills.

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