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The Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park

Feb 05, 2021

Location: Ricketts Glen State Park Distance: 1h30m or 66 miles from Camelback

The waterfalls at Ricketts Glen State Park are some of the most scenic in Pennsylvania. The most common trail is the Falls Trail. The full loop of this trail is 7.2 miles when hiking both the upper and lower sections. To see most of the waterfalls, a 3.2-mile loop can be taken by going on Highland Trail and the Glen Leigh and Ganoga Glen sides of the trail. The trails follow along 21 beautiful waterfalls range in heights from 11 feet to the 94-foot tall Ganoga Falls. This is an incredibly popular location, so it is best to visit during the spring, summer, and fall during the week or early on the weekends. The trail is closed in the winter except for properly equipped ice climbers and hikers.