Greeting Guests,

My name is Sir Kartrite Van Der Berris, but to my family, friends and guests, I am known simply as Kartrite. With immense pleasure, I welcome you to Camelback Resort, nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of historic Pennsylvania, USA. Consider my home, your home and enjoy the warmth, relaxation and adventures of Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia, the grandest waterpark near or far.  

Kartrite's African QueenThose who know me, or of the legends of my exploits, may refer to me as an explorer, adventurer, inventor, aviator, submariner, tinkerer, thrill seeker, and teacher of worldly things. I am not sure which of these titles is most true, but what I do know is that when I gaze upon the majestic lands of Camelback, the prize of the Pocono Mountain range, I am filled with a sense of power and mystery like nowhere else upon this wonderful Earth. 

My parents named me Kartrite, a well-crafted acronym of a motto they hoped that I would live my life by and seek out: Knowledge, Adventure, Research, Teach, Respect, Ingenuity, Truth and Exploration. I was also taught that our discoveries and experiences are meant to be shared. From an early age, I seemed to have caught the bug of curiosity, a love of adventure and desire to see our marvelous world.

It is through this life motto and my desire to share our world with others, which Camelback Resort before you was born, and will continue to grow into a unique place of expanding interactive learning, entertainment and fun, year after year.

Kartrite's Great Wall Of China

My goal was to amass an array of adventures and educational discoveries that might inspire future generations. A place where I could share my tales and sometimes harrowing experiences with those of you whom may not have yet explored our world’s wonders.

Throughout Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia you’ll catch glimpses of our diverse and exotic world as seen through my eyes. Each design detail provides hints of cultural influences, which come from each of the seven continents. They reveal some of the places I’ve been, creatures I’ve encountered, professions I have explored and the challenges I have attempted to master. 

Displayed around the resort are some of the various artifacts, maps, figures, photographs and other worldly décor. The main centerpieces of my travel collections are my expedition’s journal and daily logs. Writ of my own hand they are born out of the will to ask the greatest questions of “Why?” and “Why Not Try?” 

Kartrite's Angkor Rot Ruins

Each area of this uniquely themed lodge and indoor waterpark, are taken directly from my writings. These samplings of my global treks have been recreated for you to inspire questions, provide relaxation and a hint of adventure that any true vacation should entail.

Photographs that were taken throughout my expeditions are hung within your accommodations. Should you visit these places, you will take the same steps I have many times before. Or, embark on these journeys throughout the Lodge and Resort. Ski. Sled. Slide. Splash. Climb. Float. Tube. Board. Zoom. Zip. Surf. Soar. Every adventure is assembled in one place. Most can even be done in the same day.   

Aquatopia, the immense one-of-a-kind indoor waterpark, is drenched in abundant warm, natural light year-round. As our signature transparent roof allows the atmosphere’s UV rays to pass through it, let me warn you, my trusty adventurers, to have your favorite sunscreen or tanning concoction at hand.

Kartrite's Amazon Jungle Bridge

Every pool, ride, slide, retail and food concession is crafted to spark your imagination, pulling you directly into the pages of my incredible tales. All the senses are engaged in this heavily themed family friendly atmosphere. Alive with worldly sounds, speedy slides, wonderful waves, lively water, and of course relaxing escapes. Evening is a wonder to behold in Aquatopia, a true twilight environment, complete with hundreds of multi-colored lights that illuminate the sky high above you. Your own Aurora Borealis. 

From our beautifully crafted lodge and indoor waterpark; the sunny Camelbeach outdoor waterpark; to amazing alpine skiing, snow tubing, mountain coaster, zip lines and treetop adventures; you’ll experience Countless Adventures at one Incredible Resort, no matter the season you choose to visit.  

I, Kartrite, welcome you my friends to a place of wonder, a place of history, and of endless opportunities for adventure, relaxation and dining. 

A magnificent gem of a land where we can ski, sled, slide, splash, climb, float, tube, board, zoom, zip and soar while building life long memories together. 

So now, come test yourselves; learn of far-off lands. Get inspired and enjoy your journey. Grab your gear and join me and the rest of Kartrite Expeditions on this global trek!

 Kartrite's Signature