After 14 days in the Sahara’s blazing rays and furious sandstorms, forgetting my trusty scarf to protect my youthful face – one of the worst mistakes I had ever made on my many journeys. Have no worries forgetful travelers and those searching for gear and clothing to round out your kit before venturing out to the mountain or Aquatopia. Learning from my mishaps, I have assembled everything you need in two convenient locations inside the grand Camelback Lodge to ensure you can conquer all the adventures you’ve planned.


camelback logo wear

From the trade routes of the East to the trading posts of the new world, my sherpas have gathered unique items, special apparel collections, custom gear, jewelry, trinkets, and articles adorned with the great seal of Aquatopia and Camelback Lodge. I invite you to peruse our Grand Lobby World Bazaar marketplace to find a keepsake of your adventures or a souvenir to bring home to a friend – a near perfect Poconos shopping experience.  

Our logistic specialists’ continuously assemble the latest of styles in mountain adventure and summer splash wear to fit in, or stand out in the crowd.          

Before or after your shopping sprees, enjoy a coffee or some of the most delectable sweets and desserts, made from the finest of ingredients - all baked fresh from our kitchens.  


Relic Retail

While traveling the farthest reaches of the globe, Kartrite Expeditions has made it our duty to protect endangered artifacts and catalog ancient history.

We are not treasure seekers. But certainly hunters of history! Our detailed archeological investigations are always performed in the name of research with a thirst of knowledge in order to preserve our amazing past. 

This supply depot along the trail inside Aquatopia displays samplings of past finds as well as serving up a variety of provisions and gear for your hydro-powered adventure of the day. Weve uncovered the perfect travel items for your epic adventures.

From this convenient outpost you will retrieve pool towels or find information on how to stow away your personal belongings in the Aquatopia lockers. 

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