Camelback Gives Back was established to literally give back to the community by working with various groups in need to create memorable experiences at Camelback Resort. The mission is to help deliver unforgettable, meaningful experiences for these specials guests & help them forget about the daily struggles they may be going through. 

Conquering the Mountain

Camelback Resort teamed up with a group called The Breasties - a nonprofit organization that seeks to support women affected by breast and ovarian cancer through community and friendship. They provide online, and in person support for women in their 20's and 30's who have developed or are at high risk of developing cancer. Some of these women have either been affected by breast cancer or discovered they were carriers of the mutated BRCA gene and were at high risk to develop cancer.  Breasties hold events and retreats to build community among affected women.

 Camelback hosted The Breasties with a group of 20 women to “Conquer the Mountain." The women were treated to a weekend at Camelback Resort where they were able to share their stories and create new friends and memories.  

Breasties Group snowtubing