Learn here, learn right.

Adult & group ski lessons 

When you love to ski or ride, you love the Poconos that much more. That’s why we offer ski and snowboard lessons for adults to learn basic skills, grow their current skills and become more confident skiers and snowboarders.

We earned the tagline “Learn here. Learn Right. “ for a reason. Camelback has become a winter tradition generation after generation. We want everyone, at every level, to feel comfortable on the snow. Our private lessons offer that curated touch to focus on you as an individual and develop your skills. Or learn together as a family or with friends in our group lessons. Whether you are looking to start from the ground up or just looking to hone your skills, our pros are waiting.


If you have never been skiing or snowboarding before but want the one-on-one attention of a private lesson where you will receive an hour of individual instruction. One-on-one attention that produces fast, fun results and focuses on what you want to learn. From learning the basics, parks, bumps and steeps, you’ll learn from the best in the business.

  • All guests must have a valid lift ticket or season pass in order to participate in a lesson.
  • Arrive at Camelback Mountain’s main ticket plaza 90 minutes prior to your lesson start time if you need to rent ski or snowboard equipment. Otherwise, arrive at the plaza 60 minutes prior to your lesson.

Detail: Midweek, weekends and holidays

An Additional student with the same skill level would be $65

$145 Any Age

Learn Here, Learn Right! This package includes a beginner lift ticket, rentals, and a 90-minute lesson. We will make sure your equipment is properly fitted and show you the ups and downhills of the slopes.

$100 Midweek Beginner Package (excluding Holiday.

$129 Weekends & Holidays Beginner Package

Do you own your own equipment but it’s been a while? Check out a group lesson to get back in the swing of skiing or riding. Don’t forget you will need to purchase a lift ticket to be on the snow.



Arrive early enough so you wont be rushed. On weekends and during prime (holiday) periods, plan to arrive at Camelback’s main ticket plaza at least 90 minutes prior to your lesson start time. On (non-holiday) midweek days, we plan to arrive at the ticket plaza 60 minutes prior to your lesson start time. Remember… earlier is always better!

When purchasing a beginner package, yes rentals are included along with a beginner lift ticket.

Camelback Mountain staffs over 250 of the most talented and inspiring, professionally trained, ski and snowboard instructors who are dedicated to sharing their passion for these energizing winter sport. You’ll learn all the skills you need in the ski school area that you’ll use on the slopes.

Kids lessons range from 4-12 years old. 13 and up can go into adult lessons.

As a beginner, you should have reasonable expectations about your first day out at the ski resort. Hopefully, many of the things below will give you a better idea of what to expect. But there are some important basics to be prepared for:

  • Pace yourself and set reasonable expectations, focus on fun.
  • Learning something new is not always easy, but it will be rewarding and exciting when you succeed.
  • Everyone learns at a different pace.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your instructor questions, they are there to help you learn.

The good news is that, after the first day or two, most of these problems go away. Even on the first couple of days, you can still find a lot of space for enjoyment at the ski resort, but that depends on a host of other important details. How good or bad your first day is depends on attitude going into your lesson. If you think it’s fun, it will be. So, HAVE FUN!

Moderate sized Group Lessons offered at the ski resort are appropriate for all ability levels and focus to hone and polish your skills (every lesson grouped by age and skill set.)
Private Lessons offer one-on-one attention that produces fast, fun results and focuses on what you want to learn. For more information on getting your kids into a lesson check out our Kids Lesson Options.

It’s tempting to borrow equipment from friends or family, especially when the boots actually seem to fit your feet. But you’re better off renting. Here’s why: all of our beginner equipment is designed for beginners specifically. They’re specifically engineered to turn more easily and are more forgiving than either upper level or budget equipment. Our rental staff will make sure that your boots will properly match your feet; if you need a half size up or down, we can accommodate you. Your first time out should be enjoyable and productive. The beginner packages we offer at our ski resort include ski or snowboard rental equipment specifically matched to your size and stature. If any of the Camelback rental equipment doesn’t fit or feel right, come back to the rental shops to exchange for equipment that fits and feels correct.

View our equipment rental options.

Yes and Yes!.  All lines for ski school will form outside of the center. For KLC, children only with one parent/guardian will be permitted inside. Face coverings are required. Six feet of social distancing will be maintained at all times. Only members of the same household are permitted to ride the chair lift together. Students and instructors will ride on the opposite side of the quad when possible. All equipment and facilities will be regularly sanitized and disinfected.