Matt Fischer

wildnerness and landscape photographer

Currently based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, I grew up in a family with a love for the outdoors, cultivating my passion for the beautiful, wild, and untouched places I photograph. I pride myself not on the images I create, but the experiences that precede those images. My favorite places to capture are miles away from civilization, only accessible on foot with what I have in my backpack.

Nature photography is full of polarizing successes and failures as images are often dependent on being in the right place at the right time with the right weather and light.  Without an approach of placing the landscape and the experience first, one can lose sight of the reasons for making these images in the first place.  I enter the wilderness, foregoing normal luxuries and comforts to bring myself closer to the beauty of our planet, and an appreciation of my insignificance within it.

I hope to portray this concept in my images, leading viewers to place value and importance in protecting the natural and wild places of our planet and all living things that call it home.

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