Baron Batch

multidimensional artist, poet, painter, designer, community organizer, and positivity activist

Baron Batch is a multidimensional artist, poet, painter, designer, community organizer, and positivity activist, known for his  “FREE” art drops , a scavenger hunt way of sharing his paintings around the world, where a piece of art is left at a location with clues to the location allowing whoever finds it to take it for free.  This is a tool to facilitate spontaneous adventure, and human interaction, much like our mission here at Camelback Resort. Our partnership with Baron Batch aims to bring this mutual mission to life. Baron’s work in Graffiti Pizza at Camelback Lodge fills guests with creativity and inspiration to continually seek out adventure.

He is the founder of Studio AM, an arts centered creative agency focused on the growth / promotion of healthy culture through spontaneous community play, immersive experience, and positive community social programming.  Through the work of Studio AM, he also serves as creative director / creative coach for various other organizations.  This collaborative community ecosystem organizes mission aligned projects  that are developed and executed providing creative opportunities across a variety of industry sectors.

Baron currently resides in Pittsburgh PA

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