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Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark Fact Sheet

May 14, 2020

ADDRESS: Camelback Lodge and Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark 

193 Resort Drive

Tannersville, PA 18372

(570) 629-1665

OPENED: May 1, 2015

OVERVIEW: Camelback Lodge’s Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark, voted USA Today’s #1 Indoor Waterpark, features North America’s largest Texlon transparent roof – allowing for sunbathing – and is maintained at a consistent 84˚ F year around. Themed around world exploration and discovery, the waterpark features 13 exciting and innovative water slides, signature thrill rides, an AquaPlay structure and seven pools. There is also a dry indoor family adventure center that features activities such as laser tag, a rock-climbing wall, ropes course, a virtual reality experience and more. Poolside amenities include Flyboys adults only swim-up bar, Colonial Commons for bites to grab and a retail shop for Aquatopia souvenir seekers. Indoor cabana rentals offer deluxe features and a place to relax or take a nap between or after Aquatopia adventures. Visits to Aquatopia are included with every overnight stay at Camelback Lodge. 

LOCATION: Camelback Lodge and Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark are located at Camelback Resort in the Pocono Mountains, just 90 minutes from New York City and two hours from Philadelphia.

SAFETY FIRST: More than 120 lifeguards oversee the safety operations and regulations for Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark. They are trained and certified through Ellis & Associates, an industry leader in aquatic safety. Coastguard certified lifejackets are available for guest use. Extreme cleaning procedures are employed within the waterpark on a daily basis. All protocols utilize CDC safe and approved disinfectants.



The only combination family raft ride of its kind in the world, the ride begins with a heart-pounding drop where riders speed down an enclosed serpentine flume before they are injected into a 16-foot sphere where they bank around 90-degree turns and finally are plunged back into darkness. Next, riders are propelled back into the rushing waters where they experience wall crawling zero gravity oscillations before being swallowed and spit back out into a plunge pool below. At over 600 feet, the fully enclosed family rafting experience has a record-breaking sphere and open ‘manta’ wall ride. 42ʺ height requirement.


North America’s longest indoor uphill water coaster, Storm Chaser is one of the  most exciting, gravity-defying water-based indoor coaster in the U.S.

One- or two-person tube slide takes riders uphill on jetted water and features opened and fully enclosed dark and translucent sections. The ride has five major drops and four uphill humps giving riders a feeling of weightlessness. 42ʺ height requirement.


The region’s only indoor head-first mat waterslide features AquaLucent lighting and high-speed drops. Over 300 feet of mat sliding ends in a run-out shutdown lane. 42ʺ height requirement.


A high-speed, feet-first body slide, Outa-Space Race is a fully enclosed aquatube with translucent twists, turns and drops. At nearly 300 feet long, this 32ʺ body flume ends in a run-out shutdown lane. 42ʺ height requirement.


An enclosed and translucent sectioned one- or two-person tube slide features turns and drops, providing continued and sustained momentum before dropping into a deep splashdown pool. At over 400 feet long, this 54ʺ fully enclosed flume ends in a splashdown landing pool. 48ʺ height requirement.


First of its kind in the Northeastern U.S., the fully enclosed Constrictor swallows two-person rafts into its depths down through a series of narrowing then widening spirals and the tightest, highest banking turns in the industry. The flume constricts to 54ʺ and expands to seven feet in the corners and back again, wrapping riders tighter with sharp lefts and rights, before constricting its path down again, fully living up to its name. At over 510 feet, this semi-translucent enclosed flume ends in a splashdown landing pool. 48ʺ height requirement.


A high-speed, free-fall body slide with AquaLaunch Start Capsule features a vertical trap door that builds anticipation before sending riders into a feet-first 60-foot vertical drop. Over 215 feet of thrilling open body sliding ends in a run-out shutdown lane. 48ʺ height requirement.


Riders step into the AquaLaunch at the top of the tower before a trap door below opens and the rider plummets into a 60-foot thrill ride. Beginning with a free fall, riders are quickly sent into a high-g looping flattened 360-degree turn at over 26 feet per second. This fully translucent, enclosed, feet first body slide allows spectators to watch riders zoom above them. Nearly 315 feet long, the high thrills fun ends in a run-out shutdown lane. 48ʺ height requirement.


Current generated surfing simulator flows 40,000 gallons of water per minute across a 40-foot inclined, tensioned composite membrane surface softening any wipeout. A great way for first timers to learn to boogie board or surf in a safe and controlled environment and a fun way for more experienced flow boarders to sharpen their skills. FlowBoarding lessons are available for an additional fee. 42ʺ height requirement for boogie board; 52ʺ for stand-up FlowBoarding.


The world’s first ‘next generation’ fully themed and immersive multi-level AquaPlay structure, this 1,000-gallon, themed giant dumping bucket sits perched at over 52 feet overhead. The exploration-themed play structure has countless highly themed elements including: 

• The Flags of the World, navigation symbols, constellations, Kartrite’s Library, massive water dumping submersible, high flying hang glider, giant carved tree, huge sail, zodiac expedition boat, periscope, Atlantis-themed kids zone and giant logbook with ink blotter and quill

• 84 interactive water effects including: bubbler and geyser jets, rotating dumping troughs, hose jets, pull ropes, tipping cones, water guns, plunger jets, water wheels and water cannons

• 3,000+ square-foot, zero-depth entry pool at the base of the water play structure

• Platforms and stairs separate interactive zones designed for different age levels, giving guests a choice of going to the slides or the interactive water features

INTERACTIVE DECK ZONES AND TRACKS: Interactive deck zones range from pool level to 32 feet high. They include:

 Zone 1: EXPLORER’S WORLD – A ground area directly underneath and surrounding the structure with various sprays and themed water play features, including ‘A Whale of a Tail’ blue whale-themed water spray feature.

• Zone 2: KID-LANTIS – A separate zone for smaller children at ground level and decks at four- and six- foot levels with three kiddie slides.

 Zone 3: FLAGS of the WORLD – A 360-degree interactive deck ideal for middle-aged kids with numerous new water interactive features at 12 feet of elevation.

• Zone 4: NAVIGATE to ADVENTURE – Ideal for middle-aged kids and older, this zone boasts interactive water features and the entrance to the play structure’s two main body slides at a 22-foot level.

• Zone 5: REACH for the STARS – At over 32 feet above the pool floor, this is the highest point anyone can climb on the structure and is ideal for the bravest kids and adults who want to ride the Lava Luge body bowl.

Waterslide tracks offer various thrill levels and include:

• KID-LANTIS: Themed splash area with a four-foot slide and six-foot high body slides

• SILK ROAD RUNNER: Enclosed, semi-translucent body slide landing into a run-out shutdown lane

• OUT’N’BACK TREK: Open top body slide landing into a run-out shutdown lane

• LAVA LUGE: Body bowl slide with enclosed translucent sections before entering the bowl



Centrally located in Aquatopia and sun-drenched beneath the transparent roof, Ka-Na-Gawa Wavepool features some of the biggest indoor waves in the Northeastern U.S. at four to six feet, and gentle one-foot roller waves near the shallow end. The pool has a zero-depth entry to six feet deep. The Sno-Cap Crumble Wavepool backdrop features an Arctic-themed backdrop with a real expedition Sno-Cat. Waterfalls are revealed from hidden rivers below the icecap, flowing into the wavepool. Life jackets and tubes are available. Guests under 48ʺ must be accompanied by an adult and wear a life jacket.


An immersive adventure river experience with LED underwater and theatrical lighting and sound and water special effects to enhance the experience. Tall waterfalls, arching sprays, themed portal water features and flowing underground waterways provide numerous opportunities to get wet. There is a path around the river for spectators to stay dry. This 36” deep river flows in a current and offers nearly 500 feet of mystical adventure. One- and two-person tubes are available. Guests under 42ʺ must be accompanied by an adult and wear a life jacket.


Ally-Oop Lagoon is the place for an impromptu pick-up game of aquatic basketball. The area includes a general swim lagoon with depths ranging from 30ʺ to 42ʺ deep. Guests under 48ʺ must wear a life jacket on this attraction.


At 42ʺ deep, this ‘Nile’ crossing activity challenges kids to walk on the heads of crocodiles and aquatic obstacles while trying to balance and cross the pool using an overhead cargo net. Guests under 48ʺ must wear a life jacket to participate.


A playful 42ʺ and under Antarctic-themed kids shallow adventure lagoon features two Penguin City themed kids slides and numerous themed water sprays, geysers, sprinklers and a children’s museum quality interactive water table. The themed, four-child baby-bounce provides a place for infants to enjoy and a spot for the adults to rest. The pool has a zero-depth entry and is bordered by plenty of pool walls designed to serve as benches for seating. Adult supervision required.


The soothing waters of the Mystic Springs rejuvenate the body after a long day of waterpark play and include relaxing hydrotherapy jets. The warmth and coziness of this 42” deep spa lagoon is an indoor/outdoor oasis. Children ages six to 14 must be accompanied by an adult; children under six are not permitted.

POOLSIDE AMENITITES: From deluxe cabanas to a swim-up bar and a restaurant to satisfy hunger pangs, Aquatopia offer the finest amenities with plenty of options to refuel and refresh inside the waterpark.


Colonial Commons: This quick service Americana-themed waterpark eatery provides the hearty provisions needed to prepare for the next quests. Offerings include burgers, hot dogs, fries, pizza and cold beverages.

Flyboys: Guests will experience watering hole dining at this unique swim-up bar complete with TVs and a replica DHC-2 Beaver Float Plane affectionately named “Spirit of Tannersville.” The dry side offers casual bar seating for up to 12, while the wet side seats up to 30 at the in-pool bar stools and tables. Guests must be 21 or older. 

Sweet Discovery: A sweet retreat, adjacent to the arcade, tempts visitors with gelato, Turkey Hill ice cream, chocolates, hard candy and gummies. Open daily. 


Relic Retail: Features archeology-themed gifts, clothing, sundries and more including towel distribution, video training for the FlowRider, locker use and cabana rentals.


Aquatopia Cabanas: The ideal landing spot for the day, deluxe cabanas offer guests a comfortable retreat that includes private seating, a personal host and a TV. Reservations are necessary.

ARCADIA ADVENTURES: Arcadia Family Indoor Adventure Center offers over 30,000 square feet of entertainment space on two levels. More than 100 video and interactive games are laid out in age-appropriate zones with themed activities and challenges for all ages. The Treasure Trove is the final stop to redeem Arcadia tickets for prizes. Adventures begin at the Resort Activities Center next to Aquatopia’s entrance. 


A rich, multi-sensory interactive attraction that uses cutting edge technology and special effects to ensure a superior guest experience. 


K2 Klimb is the Himalayan expedition-themed overhead ropes course for adults and kids. The Ascent is the vertical shear wall rock climbing experience.


Grab a hold of the handles to move bumper cars forward and backward. The goal is to hit the “Spin Zone” targets on other cars, which will send the car into an uncontrollable three-second spin.


The object of the game is to solve each puzzle/riddle to reveal a sacred stone before the hour is up. 


This VR experience is a sci-fi action movie come to life. The game features 18 different worlds inside and more than 500 different adventures. 


The all new Lasertron Laser Tag arena features brand new, ultra-sensitive laser vests to make game play more accurate and realistic. And with a double level playing arena and five different game types, the adventures are endless. 


An arts and crafts learning center for the littlest of adventurers. An assortment of pottery pieces is available to choose from including plates, mugs, banks and boxes. Paint, brushes, special tools and simple instructions are provided to help guests create their masterpiece.

GETTING THERE: The resort is 90 minutes from New York City and two hours from Philadelphia in the Pocono Mountains in Tannersville, Pennsylvania. GPS Coordinates: 41° 3’5”N by 75° 21’19.83”W.



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